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Every time I hear Eruri is called “old gay couple”, I can’t help but think about Vicious AU, where Levi and Ervin have lived together like forever (they are not as old as main characters in series though) and their young neighbour is Eren and their best female friend is Hanji. I’m pretty sure these roles feet Eruri perfectly, because of fancy clothes, attitude and shit. 



女装コレクション(一人除く) | モチャ

緑高ばっかROG | あびい@毎日必死 [pixiv] 

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The Bacon Pancake song from adventure time

Wake up in the morning and there’s one thing on my mind,
My tummy starts to rumble, couldn’t stop it if I tried.
There’s so much stuff to do today, but we should start it right,
I need to get some nourishment, or else I’ll start to cry!

I walk into the kitchen and I don’t know what to eat
I’m trying to decide between a cake and strips of meat
But they both sound so good, to not eat one would be a crime,
So, we’ll mix them together and we’ll have Adventure Time!

Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes,
take some bacon and I’ll put it in a pancake,
bacon pancakes, that’s what its going to make,
Bacon pancaaaaaaaaakes


Stiles Stilinski Balls of Steel! :}



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