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dont judge me for things i did a few seconds ago ive changed since then 

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How does it feel? It STILL feels damn good.


If there is one video that I can watch all day. It has to be this one.

I’m leaving you w/ this…’night!

Too bad he looks terrible now, but we’ll always have the memories

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» I pretend to have sneezed or yawn when I don’t want people catching me crying.



Like on my plane ride to Hong Kong, I was watching a movie that got me teary, until the lights suddenly turned on and the air hostesses came up to serve us when I was still in the middle of being absorbed in these feelings of fictional sadness.

I have an amazing talent of getting caught crying during movies.

Last time I was watching X-men first class, sitting next to this obnoxious teenager who SUDDENLY for NO GODDAMN REASON decided to LOOK AT ME when I was getting teary at whatshisface trying to move the hugeass satellite dish thing, in which he turned to his friend saying: “OH MY GOD THE GIRL SITTING NEXT TO ME IS CRYING” Dishonour to my family, dishonour to my cow.

I was bawling my eyes out at the end of Valkyrie and my friend had to ask me if I was okay.

Guys just

let me sit here

feeling these feelings


I am reblogging this because it is the definition of Olive.


Do you see that girl sitting second from the back of the classroom by the window? She was diagnosed with shoujo three months ago. See that student hitting blantantly on his teacher in school? He has the yaois. See that girl running down the street with a piece of toast in her mouth,…

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» that Eenie Meenie song is my jam

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