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Happy Birthday shuukyo!!! Or, well, Happy belated hahahaha… I missed your birthday by like, a few hours? Oops > v >;;; I just hope you don’t mind this whimsical, pointlessly fluff-ridden comic-thingy as a gift pffft —-

Explanation time!!

What I read online about Canes Venatici is that it represents two hunting dogs in relentless pursuit of Ursa Major. ‘Venatici’ comes from the word ‘Venari’ which means ‘to hunt, pursue’, which in turn comes from the word ‘wen’ - ‘to desire, strive for’. Dogs by themselves are symbols of loyalty, so what Tsukki is thinking is that the constellation itself conveys both loyalty and drive - which are two of Yamaguchi’s most prominent traits.

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How best friends fall down

Vine by David Lopez








i found out today was a very important day like 30 minutes ago

What I mean: You are one of the best friends I've ever had. The level on which we connect baffles me. I'm so so happy that I can share my interests, secrets, guilt, faults, joys, and insecurities with you in confidence and receive encouragement to improve and keep being better, and I'm comfortable with the ease with which I can reciprocate those feelings and that support to you as well. We make a great team and I'm really fortunate to have you in my life.
What I say: u lil shit

What does it mean if I want to open a savings account in case I need to bail my friends out of jail? Like, I want to be ready for this possibility.

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Do you ever just accidentally befriend someone you used to look up a lot to like you are admiring them from afar and trying to talk to them and theN SUDDENLY THEY RECOGNIZE YOUR EXISTENCE AND THEN A LOT OF GOOD STUFF HAPPENS AND THEN THEY BECOME YOUR FRIENDS LIKE WTF KINDA UNREAL SHIT IS THAT??? I cannot believe

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this is literally what I do though


When you get hurt in front of your friend vs. Best friend 😂 by Lele Pons