someone said tajima and noya would complain about tall teammates together


oh god what have i done

i’ve made myself cry

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DJ Lo-Key in the house tonight bringin the illest beats from outta this world. That’s right, I’m talkin the realm e-to the motherfuckin-ternal, Asgard. Yo, imma let this cat take over the turn tables for a second okay? Alright, go ahead and spin the dex maestro!

DJ tHORRIBLE drop that beat slice that rhythm and bring back to 1999. He spin yo’ mom he spin yo dad in the flyest shades cuz he’s the golden sun the olden son.

and then everyone booed him out of the house for his lame beats and terrible.


fashion sense. Flannel and cargo pants never looked so terrifying


What on earth is happening on my fireplace mantle?