I’m really attached to that moment in the first episode where korra calls asami her girlfriend.

Here’s a comic for you kids, sorry for the sloppiness, I tried to make it as fast as possible 


I stumbled upon these fantastic Jinora cosplay photos in an unrelated image search. The one with the book is especially charming. I *think* these two aren’t the same model, but I know they are both from Totally Toasty on Flickr where you’ll find an overwhelming number of amazing cosplay photo sets:

EDIT: OK, sounds like this is indeed Teeny modeling in both photos. I wasn’t sure because there were different names listed in the Jinora/Asami shoot, and because my brain is mush from making animation all the time.

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Private Lessons feat. Tahno (Electro house remix) 

Produced by Chongthenomad

Tahno’s voice. It’s sex. So I made a song dedicated to it. 

ohmygod memories

Kosami. Find le songs. Go.

give your heart a break - demi lovato

you can be the one - late night alumni

love you like i do - jamillions

basically any “you don’t need mako, you need me” song lol

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» it happened again guys



i didnt sleep last nite can u tell 

im so sorry ill do a better one l8ter

I find this far funnier than I probably should, but… it’s just so perfect.

i kind of love when fandoms start flipping tables and throwing their feels everywhere i get so many new gifs and reaction pics it’s a gold mine


Michael Fassbender

Michael Fass

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YOu Brother Traitor!!