I have a test over effective leadership, management, and delegation in nursing tomorrow and I’ve skimmed 2 of the 9 chapters and have no idea what I even read I have less than 9 hours


some days clinical is so interesting and i want to tell the world but then i remember hipaa

i got a 96% on my med surg exam

it’s amazing how often my clinical group talks about miley cyrus

I just can’t get excited about this clinical group




its gotten to the point where i have to pretend nudity surprises me


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paper due in T minus 6 hours. i should totally start on that.

welp just spent 7 hours doing homework i should’ve done 3 days ago. and i have one assignment i haven’t done that’s already late but i still have to turn it in. if i play my cards right, i might be able to get 3 whole hours of sleep…

only to wake up and do it all again plus more this coming week

just found out i have 100 pages of notes to print and 12 chapters to read for my psychiatric nursing clinical tomorrow. it starts at 8am. we have a printing limit of 30 pages per day. so. i’m just. gonna.