I picked up a shift at work but I have to report for jury duty that day and I had forgotten and now I have to call my boss ughhhh

I stabbed myself in the boob with a tb needle today

Today I gazed deeply into a butthole.

Lolol drug dealer in prison told me about his 6 year old, gave me his number, and wants to add me on Facebook…I was flushing out his nasty earwax not making a love connection lolol I am 50 shades of not interested like wow I’m not about that life

My boss keeps calling me on my days off and it’s either because they’re desperate for workers or I’m in trouble and I don’t need this on my chillax days

My coworker told me I’m wasting my talent and missing opportunities because I went into nursing instead of art. Like, yeah I like to draw but I went to nursing school for a reason…so…

I have a job but I live at home and I don’t think I’m happy anymore

I found a strip club that has a free lunch buffet I wanna goooo

Had to investigate a blowjob incident at work today

Frozen drinking games are dangerous…very danger…so much alcohol…