I have a job but I live at home and I don’t think I’m happy anymore

I found a strip club that has a free lunch buffet I wanna goooo

Had to investigate a blowjob incident at work today

Frozen drinking games are dangerous…very danger…so much alcohol…

Got an interview for the Putnamville Correctional Facility!

I applied to work in a correctional facility last night lol

I don’t remember the last time I had a vegetable. Or a nutrient actually. Ice cream bars, hot dogs, bacon, and cookies only go so far.

My mom said I should make an account on blackpeoplemeet.com

So benji and joel madden dumped good charlotte and are known as “the madden brothers” now and it’s like they grew up from the angsty emo pop punk and are trying really hard to pretend it didn’t happen (it’s not working)

I just read a bejeweled/candy crush fanfic and it changed my life