me: wow i have so much to do
me: *doesnt do any of it*






Work on your paper.

No. I will do it eventually. I will. Just. Just. Tumblr.

Procrastinate with me~ :D :D :D

YEAH who cares if it’s worth 1/5th of my grade and is due tomorrow night :D

not gonna, not gonna, not gonna be productive today~ 

she don’t wanna do her homework

pr-pr-procrastinate pr-procrastinate hurhurhurhur

» art history paper due tomorrow. it was assigned in september. haven’t even started. barely even looked at it.

…but it’s not due til 2, i got time.

» I see people complain about not being able to sleep or do homework because of Facebook and I’m like


Bitch, you don’t even know procrastination until you get a Tumblr.

» that awkward moment when your computer won’t let you procrastinate

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I love it when the nippy winter warms up into a refreshing spring. <3


This is me and schoolwork (I’ll study for vocab later…). xD I was going to draw this ages ago. 

screw homework, draw hibari instead. space for rent wut?