paper due in T minus 6 hours. i should totally start on that.

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also, he smiled at me and i choked on my tongue and made a loud awkward grunt.

i had a dream where stiles and derek were sitting on the floor of lydia’s classroom and stiles was spitting up frogs and derek was patting him on the back and encouraging him because those frogs would come in handy for the next full moon

» how did this happen

tv shows i watch regularly:

and i enjoy them all.

i tried to wake up a deaf kid by calling his name

that psycho violin screech music was coming from my dad’s room and then i heard a scream and i thought he was being murdered




I Must Get Away!

I know that feel, gurl

This is Olivia’s thought process. I’ve heard her think aloud like this.

i just spent nearly 2 minutes trying to open the ice cream box and had to resort to ripping open the lid and when i finally started scooping it landed all over the kitchen counter instead of in my bowl what is wrong with me

this raspy honking sound keeps coming out of my throat when i find something really funny and it is loud and it won’t stop